Cafeteria Cashier Job Description

Cafeteria cashiers operate the currency record at a dining business. Cafeteria cashiers are employed by hospitals, cafés and series restaurants. Their main concern is taking cash from customers and making change by means of the register, but several handle additional duties as well. Cafeteria cashiers may also be accountable for cleaning and arranging tables, arrange seating for customers and making food accessible.

Basics of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Cafeteria cashiers have to be acquainted with the prices of a variety of items, from major courses to desserts to beverages, so as to exactly ring them up. They then take a payment, typically made with cash or credit cards (and, from time to time, individual check), then provide customers change and receipts. Cafeteria cashiers furthermore frequently have to reply questions linked to food and service, mainly when it comes to price and what is offered. On crest of those things, cafeteria cashiers have to record sales and ensure the currency in their register exactly reflects the items sold at the end of their shift.

Skills of Cafeteria Cashier:
Cafeteria cashiers have to be professional in customer service, conducting themselves in a specialized and polite manner. They must be prepared and motivated and possess a lofty amount of integrity, since their major duty consists of money treatment. And at the same time as a cash register does much of the adding and subtracting for them, cafeteria cashiers must own at least essential math skills to help with their jobs. Those who carry out duties exterior of just running a cash register will require to be able to multitask, manage a range of tasks linked to cleaning and food service.

Background of Cafeteria Cashier:
The majority of cafeteria cashiers hold entry-level positions, meaning they can obtain job with no previous experience and least training. Some firms have need of that their cashiers carry as a minimum a high school diploma (or the comparable), at the same time as others might employ students on a part-time basis. On the whole, when it comes to being a cafeteria cashier, a burly work ethic and optimistic approach to the job are almost always as vital as a formal schooling.

Prospects of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Since cafeterias will always require somebody to ensure a customer’s bill is paid, jobs for cashiers are probable to remain rich. More specially, jobs for cashiers on the whole are predictable to rise by 4 percent through 2015, in accordance with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the meantime, employment of workers in the food service business is projected to grow up by 8 percent during the similar decade, the BLS reported.

Salary of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Salary for cafeteria cashiers tends to differ by organization and level of service (full or part-time). Cashiers in the food service industry earned somewhere from $7.50 to $8.50 per hour in June 2010.


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I want a cafeteria cashier job in usa, i m here on student visa. What are my chances to get a job in this firld

US Canada Job Bank said...

Cafeteria cashiers need to know the prices of various items, from main courses to desserts to beverages..

US Canada Job Bank said...

Dear Sara,
You can work as cafeteria cashier part time in usa,

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As I am owrking at IHG hotel at Kathmandu/Nepal as Asst.Superviore at
Staff cafereria can I apply there?

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