How many people immigrated to Canada in 2009?

Canada greeted further than 500,000 permanent and temporary residents in 2009, consistent with opening data released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Impetus in the direction of a full economic recovery continued all through 2009, and immigration will keep on holding up that momentum. The Government of Canada is upholding immigration levels to meet Canada’s short-run, medium- and long-term monetary needs, help balance Canada’s aging inhabitants and low birthrate, and maintain Canada’s workforce.

Canada admitted 252,124 permanent residents in 2009; fine inside the government’s planned range of 240,000 to 265,000 latest permanent residents for the year. This figure is about 30,000 higher than the average yearly intake of permanent residents in the 1990s. About 60 percent of those admit were economic migrants.

An extra 178,640 temporary foreign workers in addition to 85,131 foreign students came to Canada in 2009. Many provisional foreign workers, in addition to foreign students who graduate in Canada, may submit an application to reside in the country permanently through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). CIC established 2,544 CEC applicants in 2009. A lot of temporary foreign workers are also selected to stay in Canada permanently through provincial nominee programs.


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