Fast-track Immigration to Canada – Some Initiatives

In an effort to attract more abroad professionals to Canada, the country has arisen with a new thought. As every Canadian province has different policies and official approval bodies when it comes to immigration regulations, the federal administration has urged the synchronization of all the provinces for the very purpose.

The federal government has initiated a national framework, which would almost certainly minimize the time taken by the procedure of assessing foreign qualifications. So as to achieve the country’s reason, legislators in all provinces have to guarantee faster application procedure and at the similar time they must be focused at the goal of protecting the public interest through expert standards.

The federal Pan-Canadian Framework for the appraisal and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications put a standard time of one year for the assessment of professional qualifications. For the present year, the administration has determined to have quicker appraisal processes for eight categories- accountants and financial auditors; architects; engineers; medical laboratory technologists; occupational therapists; pharmacists; physiotherapists; and registered nurses. Grouping, such as dentists; engineering technicians; licensed practical nurses; medical radiation technologists; physicians; and teachers are most probable to meet the deadline of December, 2012.

The federal government’s new plan to attract more abroad professionals has been receiving diverse responses from different Canadian provinces, say reports!


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i want to get fast track immigration to canada. what is the full procedure, any 1 please guide me.

My profession lies in 38 list. Should i take IELTS before immigration application or i can do it later?

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