The Basics of Canada Immigration

Immigrating to Canada and receiving a permanent resident status of Canada entitles you to live, work and study in Canada for as long as you like. Canadian permanent residents have just about all the similar rights as a Canadian citizen who was born there. ]
After Canadian Immigration, the rights you will be entitled to include:
1. Government-funded health care
2. Subsidized education
3. Unrestricted access to Canadian jobs
4. Unemployment insurance benefits
5. Pension benefits
6. The freedom to live anywhere in Canada

Canadian immigration restrictions:
Dissimilar many other countries, the Canadian Government's policies encourage immigration and as such, rather than having an immigration limit, Canada has immigration targets. For example, in 2009 Canada hopes to bring up to 265,000 permanent residents. Immigrants can go to Canada from any country in the world.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada:
It is probable for entire families to move to Canada and you can submit an application for yourself, your partner and any children at the same time.
You can moreover be sponsored to move there by anyone who is Canadian or has permanent residence.
The first phase for applying for permanent residence in Canada is to search for the category that's best for you.

The available categories for Canadian Immigration are:
1. Family Sponsorship
2. Skilled Worker Program
3. Investors
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Self-employed
6. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
Canadian citizenship
Once you've been a permanent resident in Canada for three years, you can submit an application for citizenship and if accepted you'll be entitled for a Canadian passport. You will still be able to remain your passport from your country of origin also because Canada recognizes double citizenship.


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