Lebanon Canada Immigration – Good News

Lebanese nationals applying to immigrate to Canada may perhaps select the visa office as their main point of service in Beirut, Lebanon.

This change follows the announcement of last year, which gave immigration applicants from Lebanon the alternative to have their interviews conducted in their home country in spite of have to travel to Syria. Canada is now expanded the services offered in Beirut, Lebanon to give citizens of Lebanon access to all visitor and immigration services.

Before the implementation of this change, Beirut’s visa office only processed temporary residence applications of Canada. As of March 31, the majority of permanent residence applicants living in Lebanon now have the option to either be served by the visa office in Beirut, Lebanon or in Damascus, Syria, as their focal point of contact.

Federal Skilled Worker applicants will require putting forward their application somewhere else i.e. to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia, which is the procedure for all applicants in this class.

Lebanese Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsoring their family will keep sending their applications to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. On their application form, they will be capable of selecting the Canadian Visa office in Beirut as their primary point of service.

The visa office in Beirut, Lebanon will accept applications, reply to inquiries, collect fees, provide visas and return supplementary documents to applicants. Two extra members of locally engaged staff will be added to accommodate this service expansion.

Applicants entail an interview can continue to choose whether to be interviewed in Damascus Syria or Beirut Lebanon. As is present case, immigration officers will take a trip from Damascus to Beirut to conduct the interviews.

Congratulations to all citizens of Lebanon.

Source: CIC


Anonymous said...

Can someone guide me that what is the processing time of canada immigration from lebanon

Anonymous said...

The processing time of Canada immigration from lebanon is approx 1.5 years for new criteria of skilled immigration.

Anonymous said...

where is the adress in lebanon?
there is any webside to check?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if a lebanese national applying for immigration in canada can opt to get their interview at a canadian visa office in the us?

Anonymous said...

why do you want to immigrate, lebanon is a great place to live, there is safety, affordable houses, and great jobs opportunities and salaries :P

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