Importance of the Internet for job searches in Canada

Almost one-third of Canadians originate their current job via the internet according to a recent study released by a statistical company (Kelvin Canada). The index is an end result of a survey of 106,000 respondents in 33 countries, including Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Chinese and the citizens of Arabian countries as well.

According to Kelvin 32% of foreigners in Canadian companies found employment online from their home countries which is more than any other medium.

The survey as well reported that online recruitment is considered by candidates to be a improved way to find a job in Canada, with 91 percent satisfied with the outcome compared with 9 percent of participants satisfied with customary written and posted applications.

The outcome is on-line for both Canadian employers and international job seekers, as the increasingly persistent internet dominates the job search prospect.


vhincent said...

I Hope i can join the 32% who successfully got a job in canada..soon :)

Saba said...

Vhincent we hope best of luck for you. Keep us inform after your succcess.
Stay in touch

Anonymous said...

Hi Saba
Good work keep it up.
how much time frame under new 38 professions system right from the application submitting to the visa stamping from LONDON office(i m in Saudi).my profession is there in that list.
with best regards

Saba said...

Hi Shahid,
CHC London may take upto 1 year for applications of Canadian Immigration under new immigration rules of Canada.

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