Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for Early Childhood Educator Resume is a letter of interest that highlights a candidate’s key accomplishments and skills to the employer. It is by no means an account of your work experience; the resume takes care of that! It is important that a cover letter for Early Childhood Educator position is flawless in terms of language, content and information because like they say, the first impression is the last impression!

Early Childhood Educator Job Description and Duties

An early childhood educator usually teaches the toddlers. The expression early childhood educator normally refers to a teacher; on the other hand, the expression is also applied to teaching assistants and specialists who come into specialized contact with kids in an educational setting.

Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Example

811 Ambrose Street
Charlottetown, PE 88282

August 4th, 2012

Sophie Mason
Hiring Manager
Charlottetown Preschool
91 Hunt Avenue
Charlottetown, PE 882622

Re: Early Childhood Educator (Job ID 5887)

Dear Ms. Mason:

I am writing to apply for the vacant position of Early Childhood Educator at Charlottetown Preschool. As an individual with strong cultural awareness and sensitivity, I am confident that I am the right candidate that you are looking for. 

The abilities I have developed during my summer internship will be an asset to Charlottetown Preschool. As noted on my resume, I am extremely skilled in creating lesson plans, managing discipline and assessing progress of students. I have a demonstrated ability to put emphasis on the aspects vital to successful physical, cognitive and emotional growth of children.

I deem myself a compassionate and understanding individual who has the relevant experience that is needed to develop and implement focused development programs for little children. Having had the prudent team building skills, I find it easy to manage and educate children according to their individual needs based on physical and mental strength by providing positive guidance. I understand that every child is special and I make it a point to monitor their progress in order to figure out how to proceed with their individual programs.

Please find my resume enclosed with this letter as a first step in expressing my interest in this position. I am available on my phone number at (666-383-9999) if you would like to discuss my credentials. I will call you in the week of August 15 in order to set a time for meeting you. I appreciate your time and consideration in this regard.


Hannah Evans

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Live-in Caregiver Cover Letter Example

The golden rule of writing a cover letter for a Live-in Caregiver Resume is to keep the contents within a page and to make the content strong enough so that the reader has no reason to put it down. Do not ramble as it indicates that your communication skills are poor and one of the main reasons to use cover letters is to depict your communication skills failing which can lead to no interviews and hence, no jobs!

The tasks of a live-in caregiver might be different depending on the employer or client. It is vital to find out accurately what will be required before you write your resume.

Live-in caregivers must be able to work in any home setting and be accountable for care to anyone needing it irrespective of age and medical situation. Their clients might be elderly person, children or infants who require around-the-clock care.

The following cover letter is designed for a general live-in caregiver. You may alter it in a format which best suits the employer’s requirements.

Live-In Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

11 Greenport Street
Staten Island, NY 90201

August 6, 2012

Mr. Elton John,
Hiring Manager
Staten Island Caregivers
181 Jane Street
Staten Island, NY 09012

Re: Live-In Caregiver(Job Bank Position ID 6654)

Dear Mr. John:

I am excited to obtain the position of a Live-in Caregiver at Staten Island Caregivers in order to make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most. Giving care to people who have trouble take care of themselves is what makes my world complete.

As noted on my resume, my natural compassionate nature and empathy for clients makes me successful in providing them assistance in even the most personal of tasks, such as continence care and toileting. I am highly skilled in cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, errands and cooking and able to perform sole child and elderly care duties. My friendly demeanor and professional attitude makes my clients comfortable with me instantly and it is this trust factor that assists me in providing them with the facilities that they need and deserve.

I would like to set up an interview with you at your convenience and will call you after a week to schedule it. If you would like to speak to me in the interim, you may reach me at 999-999-9999 or via email at [Email]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ashley Turner

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Behavior Specialist Cover Letter

While applying for a behavior specialist job, many job applicants do not use a cover letter simply because it is a bit tricky to write. But a little effort can go a long way since employers deem cover letters extremely important as they depict a candidate’s personality and most employers can judge how a candidate will work once he will be hired.

The following cover letter example for Behavior Specialist Resume will give you a better idea to write your own cover letter.

Behavior Specialist Cover Letter Sample

7011 Dakota Drive
Ellsworth Afb, SD 88838

August 14, 2012

Ms. Amy Lovett
Hiring Manager
Family Mental Health
12 E Cedar Lane
Ellsworth Afb, SD 26636

Dear Ms. Lovett:

A positive outlook with a profound ability to work with people who have special needs makes me the perfect candidate for the position of Behavior Specialist that you have announced on your website. Along with my MS in clinical psychology and three years’ of hands-on experience with children and adults, I have the capability to contribute effectively to your bottom-line.

I’ve been working as a Behavior Specialist for Rising Sun for three years. My skills in analyzing and assessing behavior concerns, along with my exceptional ability to provide consultation on an individual basis is what makes me an excellent choice for this job. I have had the opportunity to provide services in emergency situations and manage crises effectively. Having said this, my ability to conduct functional analysis of a particular behavior problem has been commended many times by my superiors and counterparts.

Furthermore, I am knowledgeable of current Federal guidelines for special education and posses the necessary skills which are required to perform research activities for this work.  You will find all information regarding my work experience and qualifications in my resume enclosed with this letter.

I am confident that I’m the most suitable person you are looking for. I will call you after two weeks to explore the opportunity to meet you in person. If you need any additional information regarding my credentials, I will be available at (888) 111-8888.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Darla Quinn

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