Social Worker Immigration to Australia

Are you paying attention in migrating to Australia in the category of a Social Worker? If you are, then there are sure decisive factor that you require to accomplish to meet the criteria. A skill level up to a graduate degree or superior degrees is the fundamental requirement for this profession.

Completion of a credited 4-year undergraduate degree such as: Bachelor of Social Work; a 4 or 5 years of double-degree; or a 2-year postgraduate aptitude like Master of Social Work is requisite to meet the requirements for this Australian skilled occupation.

Aside from that, as the profession of a social worker requires a promise for considerable training, therefore the applicant wants to qualify for long time lead. For effectual industrial operations and economic enlargement of the country entirely, the social workers also need to accomplish the requirement for high disruption.

Contrasting other skilled occupations in Australia, the profession of Social Worker has no such requirements for legal listing in any state or region of the country. Though, police checks are required with the people who are working with children and other responsive social areas.

The Australian Association of Social Workers is the related authority for social work in the country. Furthermore, to meet the requirements for a number of jobs in government agencies, the applicants have to turn out to be a membership of the AASW. To be converted into a member of the AASW, the applicants have to complete an AASW-accredited degree.

Alike to other skilled occupations of Australia, the occupation of Social work also require meeting precedence and commitments of the administration policy both at the state and Commonwealth level. Policies of child security, native difficulty, health and wellbeing, homelessness and social inclusion etc come under this.

Assessing a variety of social needs of individuals, families and groups, assisting and authorizing people, developing and using the skills and resources that are necessary to resolve social and other such issues together with in general human wellbeing, protecting human rights, social fairness and social development are some of the essential duties of a social worker.


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