Canadian NOC Caps

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has reported that the yearly 1,000 cap for NOC 1122: Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management has been reached. No more applications will be received for this occupation except the principal applicant has an offer of arranged employment. Whereas there might be some space available in other occupation under 29 list.

Fellows will remember on June 26, 2010 the second set of Ministerial Instructions changed the eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled Worker applicants. As per this plan, a maximum of 20,000 complete Federal Skilled Worker applications will be considered for processing in one year. Inside the 20,000 Canadian NOC cap, a maximum of 1,000 Federal Skilled Worker applications per entitled occupation will be considered for processing in this similar time frame.

These Canadian NOC Caps do not apply to applications with an offer of arranged employment (job offer).


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