New Immigration Agreement of Canada and British Columbia

British Columbia & the Yukon (Regional Guide)
Recently, a new Agreement has been signed for the new Canada-British Columbia Immigration. As per agreement, British Columbia will bear the integration of newcomers, helping to make sure that they are able to give to Canada’s economy and succeed in Canada.

This agreement will facilitate Canada attract the skilled international workers it needs to meet the needs of the Canadian economy as Canada come out from the global economic recession. It will surely strengthen British Columbia’s capability to meet its labor market needs both today and in the future.

The agreement formalizes and builds on the accessible joint relationship between Canada and British Columbia on immigration matters and recognizes the significance of involving community partners, counting local governments, service providers and the private sector, in greeting and integrating newcomers. This year, 114 million $ will be transferred to British Columbia under the agreement to support settlement and integration services and reception communities initiatives.

Be a focus for more immigrants to British Columbia and retaining and integrating them to address British Columbia’s unique financial and social needs will be to Canada’s generally social, cultural and economic benefit.


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