Campaign launched by Canadian Government to prevent fraud and deceitful behavior by immigration consultants

Canada has invited the sufferers of fake and bogus immigration consultants or immoral/deceitful behavior by immigration consultants to take part in an online survey to give input into the Government of Canada’s efforts to put a stop to fraud and other wrongdoing.

The survey, available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for the next one week, is part of a campaign to inform immigrants on the subject of how to protect themselves against false claims from fake immigration consultants or wrong representatives. The information collected by such participants will be used to improve warning messages to potential immigrants.

Those who would like to participate in this online survey should go to The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, will be obtainable on the CIC website until May 17, 2009.

The information collected from the survey will give the department a nationwide picture of the nature and span of the problem and inform efforts to put a stop to fraud. The survey is voluntary, private and does not ask for personal information, for instance names or addresses, from people who take part. It is not designed as a tool to implement Canadian law, or to deal with individual cases, so individuals who consider they have been a victim of fraud or unlawful activity should contact the police or appropriate authority. Please visit ‘How to file a complaint’ webpage at
information/representative/complaints.asp for more information about proper authorities.

Prospective immigrants should be careful of unethical behavior by immigration representatives. Do not be the victim of a fraud.



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