10 Guidelines for US and Canadian Resume

In Canada and USA, the usual employer gives 30 second for resume review previous to examining it more watchfully. In order to make your resume stand out, keep away from these mistakes:

1. Never take in private descriptions for instance ethnicity, age, weight, gender, or marital status. Photos must never be submitted. Any kind of ID, Passport # must not be written on resume.

2. Don’t write amendment or notes on your resume. Resumes for Canadian or US employers must always be typed on a computer.

3. Never skip a cover letter! Without a cover Letter, your resume possibly will wind up on the wrong desk with no clue of what position you are applying for.

4. Never mention salary record or requirements on your resume. If a income history is requested, it ought to either be on the cover letter or a job application.

5. Don’t lie regarding your background or stretch the truth. It’s trouble-free for a US or Canadian employer to give a call to your previous company in order to verify your work experience.

6. Do not use your current employer’s fax, electronic mail, envelopes, or mail department to mail your resume. This is very unprofessional manner. Your neighboring library ought to have computers and internet access. Many convenience stores and pharmacies in Canada and USA offer faxing services for a little fee.

7. Don’t affix or strip your resume pages. If you use regular mail to send your resume to an employer, use a large envelope to remain you resume and cover letter plane and crease-free.

8. Never use a resume that looks messy or incompetent. If your resume is not prearranged with information speedily available, it will probably not be read by prospective employer.

9. Your resume must not be longer than 1 page.

10. Always proofread your resume prior to its printing and mail. First impressions are decisive- an employer can assume that mistakes on a resume point toward a careless employee.


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