Dependent children of temporary foreign workers can now earn in Ontario and Alberta

It is quite ordinary to observe families of a temporary foreign worker come apart in Canada because of their incapability to bear the expenses or high standard of living that the country demands. Canada immigration department has thus taken the project to make certain integrated families to issue open work permits to working-aged children of these temporary foreign workers.

These dependents can now too throw in to the earnings of the family together with their parents as they are allowable to work in Canada and that also devoid of the need of having a job offer earlier. Needy children who are sure to meet the criteria through the selection can apply for open work permit in the two distinct pilot projects that the province of Ontario and Alberta have on offer.

Eligibility of needy children to apply for the open work permits is determined on the basis of given conditions:

The temporary foreign skilled worker or the main applicant must be:
  • Eligible for or previously a holder of employer-specific work permit.
  • Should have the aim to work in the provinces of Ontario or Alberta.
  • Work in an “A”, “O”, or “B” skill levels of profession, according to National Occupation Classification given by HRSDC.
  • In addition, the dependent must meet the criteria the legal age factor of the individual provinces, in which they be going to work. While in Alberta, this age block is a minimum of 18 years, in Ontario, it is 14-18 years, consistent with the occupation. However, for Canadian immigration, dependent status of children is acceptable only if they are below 22 years and if they are single or is not mixed up in any common-law relationship. Those above 22 years are too accepted as dependents providing that they are full time students while their age is 22 years and carry on to be full time students and dependents on their parents.


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